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ICT - Sector Summary

- Sectors: ICT

Weight of the sector in the national economy:
The Hungarian ICT sector has shown strong growth in recent years. As an integral part of the economy, its contribution - approx. 10% - to the national GDP is significant. A market forecast prepared before the economic crisis predicted growth of 6.8% for 2009. Employment has also shown steady growth; at present, more than 120,000 employees work in the ICT sector.

The sector’s key role is demonstrated by the fact that in the past eight years this sector has been responsible for nearly 25% of Hungarian economic growth.

In January of 2011, the Ministry of National Economy released the Digital Renewal Action Plan, which for 2011 focuses on programmes enhancing business competitiveness and action plans assisting innovation, education and training. Although Hungarian ICT industry players are a long way from the growth indicators of which they were able to pride themselves in the years before the crisis, consistent implementation of the action plan may be of great help to Hungarian firms of the ICT sector.

Target markets

Not surprisingly, the distribution of IT export by destination shows the dominance of the European Union and its member states. Hardware export companies generally supply the entire market of the European Union, and reliable data were not available for a breakdown by country. Similarly, many IT companies engaged in export have simultaneously targeted the Central and Eastern European region and increasingly view the EU as an integrated market.

In terms of export specifically assigned to a given country, Germany came out on top with Sweden in second place. The Czech Republic came out ahead of Austria.

In respect of exports to neighbouring countries, Serbia and the Ukraine have joined the ranks of Romania and Macedonia as important destinations. As far as individual countries are concerned, substantial fluctuations from one year to the next show that in the case of the top ten target markets, export performance depends largely on the success of individual companies - or large, individual projects. Such is the case with Sweden, the Czech Republic, Macedonia and the Ukraine. In contrast, Germany, Austria, Romania and the U.S. count as markets to which many more Hungarian IT firms have many more links.

Key product groups/services:

  • IT hardware and software companies (computer hardware, office equipment)
  • data communication and network devices, end-user communication devices and firms engaged in the production and distribution of software
  • Telecommunication services (companies providing fixed voice/data and mobile communication service and cable TV service providers)
  • Professional IT service providers (systems integrators, maintenance providers, IT consultants and other companies engaged in IT services)

Where HITA can help:


The greatest demand continues to be shown for sectoral appearances in foreign markets organised by HITA. In the ICT sector it is exhibitions and trade fairs (e.g. CEBIT, GITEX) which are the most popular.

In addition, we plan to organise business meetings on an ongoing basis, which are often more cost-effective than the traditional method of participating in exhibitions. A special form of these business meetings are roadshows which target several regions and are aimed at a narrow professional circle. The last time such an event was held was in January of 2010 in the United States. The programme was announced to innovative web, media and ICT companies.

Professional organisations and clusters:

  • Hungarian Association of IT Companies (Informatikai Vállalkozások Szövetsége - IVSZ) –
  • Mobility and Multimedia Cluster (Mobilitás és Multimédia Klaszter) –
  • North Hungarian IT Cluster (Észak-Magyarországi Informatikai Klaszter) –
  • Central Transdanubian Regional IT Cluster (Közép-Dunántúli Regionális Informatikai Klaszter) –
  • Sopron Region IT Cluster (Sopron Régió Informatikai Klaszter) –
  • Hungarian Association of Content Industry (Magyar Tartalomipari Szövetség) –
  • John von Neumann Computer Society) Neumann János Számítógép-tudományi Társaság) –

HITA sector consultants:
Krisztina Kvassay,

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