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Creative industry

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Innovation and the presence of the creative industrial sectors, as well as economic performance are closely related. A review of relevant international studies confirms that the creative sectors stand in the centre of attention in today’s modern economy. The role of creativity is similar to research and development: its ripple effects on the economy can be significant indeed, and just as there is no trong national economy without serious R&D performance, the creative sectors have a similarly important role to play (just consider, for example, the significance of design in strongly influencing the market success of a given product).

In the Central Hungary region, approximately 5% of all employed people work in the creative sectors, and this proportion is similar to Munich, Oslo and Hamburg. According to a study, only Prague and Bratislava are in a similarly advantageous position among the cities of Central-Eastern Europe, yet at the same time there is significant competition for creative labour, and the trends everywhere are for continued growth among those employed in these sectors.

Film industry

The film industry is a special field within the creative sector, and of outstanding importance to Hungary. The country has four fully equipped studios (MAFILM, RALEIGH, KORDA and STERN), which are capable of satisfying all the demands of the industry, added to which the specialists that these studios have available are world class.

Our aim is to attract foreign productions to Hungary. The film law providing a 20+5% tax rebate will also promote this goal.

Creative sector programmes of HITA in 2011:
Film industry: AFCI Locations Trade Show, Los Angeles, USA, 3-5 June 2011 (finalized) –
Business manager meeting of creative and ICT start-ups, London, UK, late November 2011

Sector consultant
Lilla Pausits