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Defence and security industry

- Sectors: Defense industry

Since 11 September 2001, the defence industry has encompassed the security sector too, to give its current international designation: defence and security industry.

At the present moment, there are between 100-150 companies in Hungary that hold licences for defence industry manufacturing, although companies that actually conduct this activity on a permanent basis number around 10-20. In virtually every instance, defence industry activities are complemented with security industry, civil or processing industry activities. Dual purpose products (equipment for defence and civil use) are manufactured in an even broader profile than this.

It is typical that the product range has no primary equipment manufacture (no aircraft and tank manufacture); the manufacture of ammunition and pyrotechnical systems, special clothing and protective equipment as well as radiation detectors, furthermore the manufacture of defence electronics products are defining.

The services characteristic of the industry are divided into two primary activities:

  • Modernization of vehicles, radar and locator technical equipment remaining in the system
  • Detection, disposal of explosives, bombs

Revenues, exports and employment 2001-2008

The following are the primary products in Hungarian exports

  • Small arms
  • Ammunition
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Explosives
  • Defence electronics
  • A large proportion of primary export products comprise products withdrawn from service (a part are exclusively for industrial use)

Professional organization of the sector

Defence Industry Association of Hungary –

HITA planned programmes in 2011 and early 2012

Trade fairs at which we are participating with a Hungary stand:

HITA sector consultant: Zoltán Kozlovszky