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The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) was established under a Government Decree to provide professional help to foreign companies intending to invest in Hungary.

Our task is to support the implementation of the Government’s key investment promotion targets and to foster bilateral and multilateral international economic relations.

To this end, HIPA seeks and maintains contacts with potential foreign investors, helping them to prepare and implement strategic investment decisions, as well as providing post-decision support and encouraging their intention to re-invest. HIPA offers company and sector-specific consultancy, attends professional events, recommends locations, and organizes site visits.

HIPA also acts as a mediator between large international companies and Hungarian firms to facilitate supplier relationships, organizing supplier training, and maintaining active contact with trade associations, particularly in the automotive and electronics sectors. Our ultimate goal is to see Hungarian SMEs play as large a role as possible in the local multinational supply chain.

We cooperate with government bodies involved in promoting investment, taking a dynamic role in preparing government decisions supporting priority investment projects, and in drafting proposals for the external economic aid scheme. HIPA also supplies company-specific subsidy information on Hungarian and EU co-financed programmes and manages the EKD programme (investments supported by individual government decisions).

Róbert Ésik

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Heraufgeladen: Mittwoch, 11. April 2012
Die Ungarische Agentur für Außenwirtschaft und Investitionsförderung (HITA) lädt Sie herzlich zur Vorstellung der Partnerregion des Enzkreises, Mosonmagyaróvár in Pforzheim ein. Kostenloser Eintritt,eine vorherige Anmeldung ist notwendig.


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