Battery Parts Factory to be Built in Gödöllő, Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

Battery Parts Factory to be Built in Gödöllő, Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

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Kedali Hungary Kft. is going to invest EUR 40 million to build a new factory in Gödöllő, to become an aluminium structural component part provider for Samsung SDI. The plant's trial run is expected to start in spring next year, while serial production will reach its peak by 2024, which results in the creation of 330 new jobs.


The Shenzen Kedali parent company was founded in 1996, their headquarters is in Shenzen. The company researches, develops, produces and sells precision parts for lithium batteries and vehicles. Their primary products are precision lithium batteries for energy storage, portable lithium batteries and various vehicle parts. The products are primarily used in electric vehicles, portable electronic devices, electric tools and energy storage applications.

The plant in Gödöllő is going to enjoy a competitive advantage for its geographical location, both as a provider for the battery manufacturers in Hungary, and also on the European market. The production at the Gödöllő plant will have a positive effect on the company's global market share and will also boost their competitiveness. There will be six production lines added in the first two years of the development, and altogether ten lines will be installed by 2024.