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Leier implements capacity expanding investments in Hungary

Leier Hungária Kft. is to carry out capacity expanding improvements in Hajdúszoboszló, Pécs and Jánosháza. The total value of the investments is more than EUR 18.5 million. The company will create 20 new jobs as a result of the improvements while retaining the existing headcount of 1,021 people.


Audi is to expand the tool factory in Győr - VIDEO REPORT

Audi is starting a new investment in its tool factory in Győr. In the framework of the project of more than EUR 10 million, the current production hall will be extended by 3,800 square meters for exclusive series production, and the logistics hall will increase by 2,500 square meters. While retaining nearly 700 jobs, the capacity of exclusive series production will grow by 30 percent.


Dairy company FrieslandCampina is expanding its production capacity in Mátészalka - VIDEO REPORT

The Dutch dairy company, FrieslandCampina, invests in capacity expansion and infrastructure modernisation in Mátészalka. The project related to the production of high value-added desserts and fermented milk products is to be realised from more than EUR 14 million.


Ericsson is developing its cloud-based IMS system in its Budapest headquarters - VIDEO REPORT

Ericsson Hungary supplying telecommunications and IT systems and also engaged in research and development, will develop the next generation of the cloud-based IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) in the framework of an almost EUR 8.4 million R&D project, which will be the cornerstone of cutting-edge telecommunications systems. The investment to be realized by September 2022 will create 200 new jobs requiring higher education.


Japanese Nissin Foods is to further expand its capacity in Kecskemét - VIDEO REPORT

The Japanese Nissin Foods, which makes instant pasta dishes, is expanding its capacity in Kecskemét. During the project, new machinery and equipment will be installed in the plant and the storage area will be expanded. The project of EUR 12 million to be realized by 2024 creates 20 new jobs while retaining 314 existing ones.


Seiren is to establish its first European synthetic leather car seat cover factory - VIDEO REPORT

The Japanese Seiren company specializing in the manufacturing of automotive interior materials and textiles establishes its first European manufacturing unit in Hungary. With an investment of more than EUR 42 million creating 170 jobs by 2022, the company will provide synthetic leather car seat covers for the European automotive market from its plant in Pécs.


NT Kft. is going to increase its sunflower-seed processing capacity - VIDEO REPORT

The sunflower-seed processing and refining plant of the Czech-owned NT Food Producing and Trading Ltd. is launching a capacity expansion investment in Kiskunfélegyháza. As a result of the investment the company will process an annual quantity of 450,000 tons of sunflower-seed and will thereby be able to produce 210 million litres of sunflower oil per year. 55 new jobs will be created, in addition to the existing 175 ones, thanks to the development worth more than EUR 31 million.


Hauni to start development for technology and capacity expansion in Pécs - VIDEO REPORT

Another investment is to be launched at the Pécs site of Hauni Hungaria which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The industrial equipment and machinery manufacturing division of the German Körber Group is going to spend EUR 18.5 million on the expansion of its manufacturing and service area. By modernising its machinery park and applying Industry 4.0 technologies, it is going to move towards digitised and paper-free production. The majority of the 100 jobs created in the framework of the development are positions demanding high qualifications.


Csaba Metál has developed into an important European automotive supplier - VIDEO REPORT

The Hungarian family business that has grown into a reputed and recognized supplier at European level for the automotive industry further develops its facilities. The EUR 18.5 million capacity expanding investment of Csaba Metál Zrt. generating 165 new jobs will enable robotised cellular casting manufacturing thanks to the deployment of state-of-the-art industrial equipment and technology in the new manufacturing workshops. Among the customers of the manufacturer of aluminium castings are, among others, BMW, Volkswagen or ZF but also the Continental and Bosch Groups.