GE series of supplier events to be continued in the country

GE series of supplier events to be continued in the country

HIPA GE Beszállítói Fórum Debrecen Nagykanizsa

After the successful Budapest and Debrecen events, the series of fora for suppliers organised jointly by GE, the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) is going to be continued in Nagykanizsa. The opening event organised in the centre of GE in Budapest featured more than 70 Hungarian small and medium enterprises which presented themselves before the representatives of the corporation while the event at the University of Debrecen introduced the six GE divisions together with the available financial and professional support for the interested companies. The series is going to be continued in the light source factory in Nagykanizsa on 31 May.

US-based General Electric (GE) is the leading digital industrial corporation of the world developing and manufacturing predictive software-based machines and solutions which are linked together, can react flexibly and basically transform the industry. GE has been present in Hungary for 30 years to develop into one of the biggest Hungarian corporations, besides being the biggest US investor, employing more than 10,000 people. GE has 11 factories, 5 research and development centres, and 3 business centres in 13 Hungarian cities. Their almost 10 divisions cover a wide range of industry. GE has been a strategic partner for the Government of Hungary since 2012.

The Prime Minister's Office also joined the series of events organised jointly with the supplier's division of HIPA and MKIK since the reinforcement and development of the Hungarian suppliers' ecosystem is a priority not only for HIPA but for the Government, too. In this way, companies satisfying the highest international standards which are competitive on regional and global level as well will be able to serve the demands of corporations locally.

A strategic partner of the Government of Hungary, GE is committed to integrate small and medium enterprises of Central and Eastern Europe into its supplier's chain as efficiently as possible and to help them in entering to the international market. The success of this aim is well demonstrated by the fact that the value of purchases by GE from this region exceeds USD 1.7 billion annually and that GE wishes to increase the value of products and services purchased from the regional SMEs, including Hungarian enterprises, to a large extent by 2020. For achieving this purpose, GE increases its SME supplier's base and promotes the development of large suppliers into regional suppliers.