The Hungarian agricultural and food industry landscape


  • Over 80 per cent of the surface of the country is covered with good quality soil
  • Non-polluted lands are awaiting to be cultivated
  • Hungary promotes GMO-free and bio food production
  • The climatic environment is free of extremities
  • The outstanding underground and surface water reserves are favourable for agriculture
  • A high number of thermal springs are available for energy and agro-tourism purposes
  • EU funds are available for agriculture and rural development
  • Skilled labour is available for agriculture in the country
  • There are an appropriate scientiic background and databases
  • The country has a favourable geographic location (transport hub region)

Sectorial Overview

Projects - Short overviews Overall budget Status
MentalFitol: Food For Thought  605 000 EUR ACTIVE
Apicon Zrt. Capitalization 2.9 M EUR ACTIVE
Vitality from grape seeds 3.2 M EUR ACTIVE
Lamb, sheep and goat meat processing factory 4 M EUR ACTIVE
Liszkay Vineyard and Winery Estate 4.5 M EUR ACTIVE
ABC Animal Bone bioChar: recovered organic phosphate fertilizer for the agriculture 7 M EUR ACTIVE
Organic Garden Paradise 33.3 M EUR SOLD

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