General overview for investors in Hungary’s Innovation sector


  • Long-standing tradition of innovation
  • Successful examples of a dual education system (cooperation of companies and educational institutes; forming a market compatible education)
  • Very open economy.
  • Rich portfolio of R&D grants.
  • High level of scientiic research, signiicant results in the areas of physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, clinical medicine and engineering.
  • High productivity of R&D activity: publications per researcher and citation indexing of the publications are closer to the EU average than the R&D expenses.
  • The institutions and framework conditions are rapidly developing.
  • Creation of a motivated legal and taxation environment.

Sectorial Overview

Projects - Short overviews Overall budget Status
RedMer - Intelligent fluorescent tube driver circuit 1,88 M EUR ACTIVE
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Producer 3-5 M EUR ACTIVE
Flike – Electric (hybrid) multicopter for hassle-free personal flight 5,4 M EUR ACTIVE
Lifechair - Safety aircraft chai 6,5 M EUR ACTIVE
Aximmetry 6,5 M EUR ACTIVE
cSTePPaper Project 8 M EUR ACTIVE
"Innovative plasma-catalytic odour removal technology" 10 M EUR ACTIVE
Water&Soil 10 M EUR ACTIVE
Innomed - Innovative medical products 11 M EUR ACTIVE
Holografika - Revolutionizing 3D display 12 M EUR ACTIVE
Cellum - Comprohensive mobile payment solutions 13-15 M EUR ACTIVE
Solo-Duo - Multi hybrid electric car 51,5 M EUR ACTIVE
ALL Projects

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