Hungarian aircraft manufacturer to build new plant in Pécs

Hungarian aircraft manufacturer to build new plant in Pécs

Gábor Tarány, President of Magnus Aircraft, Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Péter Csizi, representative of the Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian aircraft maker, manufacturing sport and training airplanes, Magnus Aircraft, builds its new plant in Hungary in the immediate vicinity of the Pécs-Pogány Airport with an investment of over EUR 16.6 million. Both innovative sport airplanes of the company developed by itself, the petrol-powered Fusion 212 and its fully electric pair, eFusion, having received an award at the Aero 2016 Airshow, will be assembled in the 7,500 square metre manufacturing unit.

The sales revenue of Magnus Aircraft Zrt. established a little over 6 years ago will reach EUR 800,000 this year, which is planned to exceed EUR 50 million within 10 years. The Hungarian company's current staff of 23 will increase by 105 in the coming years as a result of developments.

Magnus Aircraft Zrt. is an innovative, 100% Hungarian-owned company based in Kecskemét, which manufactures sport and training aircraft. The company's sport aircraft developed by itself and presented in 2016 is Fusion 212. The two-seater, multifunctional, ultralight and light aircraft is suitable for training, aerobatics, sporting aviation and emergency manoeuvre training alike. With optional accessories, the model is also suitable for performing agricultural, wildlife management and various monitoring tasks.

The most important features of Fusion 212 are its drive and fuel: unlike most aircraft, the fuselage made of a composite material is driven by an engine running not on kerosene but on 95 unleaded fuel, which ensures optimal consumption and low maintenance costs. These properties are further optimised by the fully electric-powered eFusion built on the foundation of Fusion 212, where an extremely low operating cost is accompanied by a zero-emission technology. The electric drive system of the aircraft developed by Siemens offers a unique technology all over the world at an affordable price.

The development in Pécs announced recently will multiply the production volume in order to fulfil an increasing number of international orders.