Microsoft Hungary Gabriella SZENTKUTI, CEO

Microsoft Hungary

"It is a smart move to bring an ICT company to Hungary for both quantitative and qualitative reasons. Among the hard facts, of course, are unique geopolitical conditions such as the bridge role Hungary plays between the West and the East, the North-Atlantic sphere and Asia, which makes the country an ideal location from which to establish presence in more than one region from one strategic location. One also ought to mention that not only is a highly trained and highly skilled workforce already available here in abundance, but also that the country has a steady recruitment base through its renowned technical higher education system. Above all, however, is the spirit – the eagerness of Hungarians to succeed and recreate the successes of the current and former generations of inventors, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Hungary is destined through its traditions to innovate – not just to adopt and embrace but to discover new solutions. I believe Hungary is a natural born ICT country."