Találatok a következőre: NEW Jobs

15.09.2017 Modified: 2017.09.18 18:02

Foundation stone of the unique waterfowl and feather processing plant has been laid in Mélykút

The foundation stone laying ceremony for the new complex unit of Hunent Zrt. triggers the construction of a waterfowl slaughterhouse and feather processing plant in Mélykút. The investment project, worth some EUR 40 million, will create 350 new jobs in the food industry, which is one of the leading economic sectors in Hungary. This expansion of HUNENT is already the fourth food industry investment project this year to be completed with the support of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).

14.09.2017 Modified: 2017.09.18 18:02

New printing plant of M-Flexilog has been inaugurated in Békéscsaba

The 8,500-square metre new plant built as a greenfield project, which will manufacture flexible packaging materials, has started its operation under the name of M-Flexilog Kft. in Békéscsaba. The Hungarian Government provided a cash grant – in cooperation with the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) based on an individual government decision to project of the Austrian company.

12.09.2017 Modified: 2017.09.12 11:37

Diehl Aircabin expands with an engineering centre in Hungary

Based on the successes achieved by the Nyírbátor unit in cockpit element and aircraft parts manufacturing, the German Diehl Aircabin adds another activity in Hungary: it establishes an engineering centre to the value of about EUR 9 million in Debrecen. The 150 high value-added jobs created as a result of the project will provide support primarily to the company's own internal departments.

7.09.2017 Modified: 2017.09.07 10:54

Sapa is to install new technology in Székesfehérvár

Hungary has obtained another reference in connection with electromobility: the Székesfehérvár unit of Sapa Profiles won the intra-company competition for the production of alloys developed for electric and hybrid cars. Under the EUR 21.8 million project, presses and precision machining stations will be installed and 120 new jobs will also be created. Taking advantage of the development and its existing know-how, Sapa's plant in Hungary will become a prominent expert in the manufacturing of individual structural components for electric cars in Europe.

31.08.2017 Modified: 2017.09.01 13:45

Hungary is at the forefront of creating high added value jobs

The Hungarian investment environment has received yet another prestigious international recognition: based on the remarkable IBM Global Location Trends 2017 report, from among the three most important categories, in two Hungary ranked among the world's top 10. According to the report, thanks to foreign direct investments (FDI), 18,900 new jobs are being created in Hungary based on 2016 investor decisions, which is the 9th best result in the world per inhabitants. However, what is even more important that Hungary ranked 5th based on value of new jobs created, ahead of countries, in addition to the competitors in the region, such as Switzerland, Japan or Sweden.

25.08.2017 Modified: 2017.08.28 13:23

Indian-based SMR develops in Túrkeve once again

Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec (SMR), member of Samvardhana Motherson Group (SMG) starts 2 projects in Túrkeve. A project worth EUR 10 million covers a new 12,000 square-metres manufacturing hall for rear-view mirrors, creating 315 new jobs, while another EUR 16 million development is to expand the bumper part manufacturing capacity, with 74 new jobs.

23.08.2017 Modified: 2017.08.28 13:12

Xellia’s new pharmaceutical laboratory delivered in Budapest

The latest development by the Danish pharmaceutical company Xellia Pharmaceuticals has been completed at its Kőbánya site, Budapest. As Xellia's centre of excellence, the laboratory constructed as part of a development of EUR 11 million will operate as a testing centre for active ingredients produced by all units and so it will play an important role in the global operating strategy of the Danish pharmaceutical company. As a result of the expansion, more than 40 new jobs have been created so far, and through the ongoing hiring process Xellia would increase the size of the team participating in the operation of centralised laboratory services to 80 in 2019.

28.07.2017 Modified: 2017.08.02 11:02

Leier continues to see Hungary as the possibility for development

Leier's investment in the value of EUR 22.9 million in total, affecting six out of its nine sites in Hungary will involve the start of world-class technological and logistic developments, along with the creation of 101 new jobs. The aim of the company is not only to modernise production but also to produce more and more advanced building materials. Under an individual government decision - with the cooperation of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) - the Hungarian Government provided a subsidy to promote the investment.