NASA-supplier Swiss company to expand with new technology in Veszprém

Peter Grütter, COO of Maxon Motor

Maxon Motor develops its Veszprém unit to the value of about EUR 13.3 million. Under the project, the Swiss company also supplying to the NASA will install a new technology in Hungary, its production and development capacity will increase, 900 square meters will be added to its manufacturing hall, and 102 new jobs will also be created by 2020.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Swiss-based Maxon Motor manufactures special and, at the same time, precision DC motors and associated power units and controls. The vast majority of the products are made for the healthcare and mechanical engineering industries, but the aircraft and automotive industries are also important segments. Due to its special, high precision products, Maxon is an official supplier of the American space agency (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). In Europe, in addition to Switzerland, it has manufacturing sites in Germany and in our country.

Initially, products were made only for the parent company at the Veszprém unit launched in 2002. Then, as a result of a more than HUF 1 billion development, complete finished products and rotor and motor manufacturing were added to its activities from the second half of 2009. The manufacturing centre makes parts directly to the NASA, too, which are used in the electric motors of a Mars probe. Certain technologies are manufactured 90% to 95% in Hungary.

Having continuously expanded its presence in our country, Maxon has become one of the key companies in Veszprém by now. Last year, it reached more than HUF 3 billion in sales revenues, provides a secure livelihood to several hundred people at present, and pays attention to the integration of local suppliers.

Peter Grütter, COO of Maxon Motor emphasised: the Hungarian unit is now the second biggest within the company, while with the new development centre they are moving from quantity to quality in Veszprém.