Találatok a következőre: NEW Jobs

6.11.2017 Modified: 2017.11.07 09:21

Edelmann develops in Zalaegerszeg again

Edelmann Hungary Packaging Zrt. is upgrading its fleet of machines with a significant project in Zalaegerszeg. With the more than EUR 10 million project, the German company can not only increase its capacity, but can also supply higher quality and added-value products to its partners. Awarded in strong regional competition in Central Europe, the project will also bring 100 new jobs to the Southwestern Hungary region, where economic development is in focus.

2.11.2017 Modified: 2017.11.02 11:14

Spinto is to build its tool factory of regional importance in Miskolc

Spinto Hungária Kft. is constructing an automotive tool factory in Miskolc. With the about EUR 19 million project, a unit manufacturing large tools will be established in Hungary, for the products of which there is huge demand throughout the region. In a specific government decision, the Hungarian government provided a subsidy to the project of the fully Hungarian-owned company, which will create 140 new jobs.

20.10.2017 Modified: 2017.10.20 14:13

One of the most innovative high pressure aluminium foundries in Europe has been completed in Apc

The new plant of CSABAcast has been officially delivered in Apc, and has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology and fleet of machines of the highest quality. The about 17,000 square metres manufacturing base built during the greenfield project serves the expansion of the activities of the company so far, i.e. light metal casting. The EUR 15 million project implemented with the participation of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) will create 130 new jobs.

19.10.2017 Modified: 2017.10.20 11:13

One of the world's leading medical technology companies has long-term plans in Hungary

World-leading global medical technology company, Becton Dickinson's (BD) new plant has been inaugurated in Tatabánya where, as a result of the EUR 20 million investment, the manufacturing of research reagents required for the production of medical products will be launched. Relying on the skilled Hungarian labour and its excellent productivity, the product portfolio and production capacity expansion creating 107 new jobs help BD to serve its pharmaceutical customers around the world.

19.10.2017 Modified: 2017.10.20 11:13

Kühne+Nagel is the most recent strategic partner of the Hungarian Government

The Hungarian Government and Kühne+Nagel have concluded a strategic cooperation agreement. The Swiss-based freight forwarding and logistics company already has significant logistical capacities in Hungary, and will regard our country as an important partner in its international strategy also in the future, since its excellent geographical location and advanced infrastructure together represent a major competitive advantage for both Hungary and the companies present here.

12.10.2017 Modified: 2017.10.12 14:13

New logistic centre of Révész Group has been delivered in Nyíregyháza

The latest project of Révész-Nyírlog Logisztikai, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. owned by Révész Logisztikai Holding Zrt. has been completed. As a result of the development implemented from EUR 28 million, a more than 52,000-square metre logistics centre has been established, supplemented with a warehouse hall, an office building and accessory rooms. As a result of the expansion, more than 260,000 square metres of warehouse capacity is available in total to the Group and 85 new jobs have also been created.

10.10.2017 Modified: 2017.10.17 14:39

German manufacturer of beverage industry machinery expands in Debrecen

Germany's Krones AG is to build its first production unit in Hungary in the framework of an EUR 49 million greenfield investment. The plant in Debrecen will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and, just as in Germany, it will employ highly trained skilled workers and engineers in the manufacturing and assembly. With the help of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), the project will create around 500 new jobs.

3.10.2017 Modified: 2017.10.03 16:37

NASA-supplier Swiss company to expand with new technology in Veszprém

Maxon Motor develops its Veszprém unit to the value of about EUR 13.3 million. Under the project, the Swiss company also supplying to the NASA will install a new technology in Hungary, its production and development capacity will increase, 900 square meters will be added to its manufacturing hall, and 102 new jobs will also be created by 2020.