Találatok a következőre: NEW Jobs

27.02.2017 Modified: 2017.03.01 11:54

EUR 1.5 billion and 6,000 new jobs on stage

With the support of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), positive decisions were made on investment projects to be implemented in Hungary in the case of more than ever, a total of 71 projects last year. HIPA awarded the most outstanding of these at the annual 'Investors of the Year' gala event in the Ceremonial Hall of Pesti Vigadó. The awards were handed over by Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Robert Ésik, President of HIPA.

20.02.2017 Modified: 2017.02.20 11:23

Segura to expand its Szolnok plant

The automotive bodywork and engine metal component factory of the Segura Group in Szolnok makes an investment of more than EUR 17 million until the completion of its new expansion. As a result, according to plans, 100 new jobs will be created. Due to the development, the plant area will increase to 25,000 square metres, which is a two-and-a-half-times increase in the area of operation compared to that when production was launched in 2007. Expansion in Hungary was favoured by its skilled and creative workforce, logistics facilities and favourable investment environment.

8.02.2017 Modified: 2017.02.08 12:02

Alföldi Tej starts development in Debrecen

Hungarian dairy company Alföldi Tej is implementing the largest dairy investment in recent decades in its Debrecen plant: The investment of more than HUF 12 billion will significantly increase the plant's capacity to produce cheese, curd and powdered products. As a result, the milk produced by the Hungarian producers owning the company will enter the domestic and foreign markets at a higher level of processing.

7.02.2017 Modified: 2017.02.13 17:45

Foreign investors continue to trust in Hungary

Investment promotion in Hungary broke all previous records in 2016: positive decisions were made with the support of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) in the case of 71 investment projects. As a result, foreign direct investment (FDI) worth more than EUR 3,243 million was received in Hungary and 17,647 new jobs will be created. It is a favourable trend in the Hungarian investment environment that the proportion of reinvestments continued to increase; therefore, companies already present feel good in Hungary. HIPA had an excellent performance also on the basis of the number of projects, the amount invested and the jobs created.

3.02.2017 Modified: 2017.02.06 08:52

Hungarian winners at the most significant regional SSC event

Hungarian nominees have won in five categories at the Central Eastern European Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards gala event in Warsaw. The city of Debrecen, British Telecom (BT ROC), British Petrol (BP GBS) and Tata Consultancy Services were awarded this year at the most important regional event of the shared service sector (SSC).

3.02.2017 Modified: 2017.02.06 08:54

thyssenkrupp to build spring and stabiliser factory in Debrecen

thyssenkrupp is further expanding their activity in Hungary: after Budapest, Győr and Jászfényszaru, the German technology concern will establish its new manufacturing unit in Debrecen. The new plant to be constructed with an investment of EUR 35 million will manufacture springs and stabilisers, while creating 250 new jobs by 2020.

26.01.2017 Modified: 2017.01.26 15:59

Bosch to set up next generation logistics centre in Hatvan

Bosch is going to establish a state-of-the-art logistics centre in Hatvan. The new unit will be a strategic hub in Central and Eastern Europe, reflecting the global warehousing strategy of Bosch, which will open its doors in 2018, thereby creating 250 new jobs in the region. In addition, as a result of supplier development cooperation with the HIPA, the company will increase its purchases from companies in Hungary by EUR 60 million over 6 years.

13.01.2017 Modified: 2017.01.16 17:25

Photel Online Solutions establishes a digital service centre in Szekszárd

Photel is creating a digital service centre in Szekszárd with an investment of EUR 3.2 million. The Hungarian company – offering customer relations and customer service solutions – is a leading participant of the market and is ranked among the 100 fastest growing small and medium-sized companies in Europe. The recently announced investment in the capital of Tolna county represents a further step in steady development, contributing to the creation of 130 new jobs.