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26.01.2017 Modified: 2017.01.26 15:59

Bosch to set up next generation logistics centre in Hatvan

Bosch is going to establish a state-of-the-art logistics centre in Hatvan. The new unit will be a strategic hub in Central and Eastern Europe, reflecting the global warehousing strategy of Bosch, which will open its doors in 2018, thereby creating 250 new jobs in the region. In addition, as a result of supplier development cooperation with the HIPA, the company will increase its purchases from companies in Hungary by EUR 60 million over 6 years.

13.01.2017 Modified: 2017.01.16 17:25

Photel Online Solutions establishes a digital service centre in Szekszárd

Photel is creating a digital service centre in Szekszárd with an investment of EUR 3.2 million. The Hungarian company – offering customer relations and customer service solutions – is a leading participant of the market and is ranked among the 100 fastest growing small and medium-sized companies in Europe. The recently announced investment in the capital of Tolna county represents a further step in steady development, contributing to the creation of 130 new jobs.

12.01.2017 Modified: 2017.01.13 15:14

Major development launched in the Szentes plant of HUNGERIT

The Hungarian family-owned HUNGERIT Poultry Processing and Foods Ltd. is implementing an investment of more than EUR 16.4 million in Szentes, resulting in the creation of 120 jobs by the end of 2018. The expansion consists of interconnected and mutually supportive project elements, involving building and technological development, and including, among others, the construction of a new coating hall, the installation of a filleting machine – the first of its kind in Hungary – and the implementation of a biological wastewater treatment plant.

19.12.2016 Modified: 2016.12.19 13:40

Premium chocolate factory to be built in Hatvan

The first chocolate factory in Hatvan will be launched with an EUR 24.4 million investment of Ghraoui Chocolate Manufacturing Plc. The new unit will produce high quality chocolate for the European and Middle Eastern markets. The favourable investment environment and the proven Hungarian human capital played a significant role in the positive investment decision of the investors group. The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) provided professional assistance to support the investors during the whole investment process, from the site selection to finding the best suppliers.

16.12.2016 Modified: 2017.01.16 11:40

Favourable changes in the non-refundable cash incentive system

Significant and favourable changes will be introduced in the non-refundable cash incentive system with the purpose of supporting R&D activities and technology-intensive investments as of January 1, 2017 in Hungary, according to the Government Decree 426/2016. (XII. 15.) updating the Government Decree 210/2014. (VIII. 27.) on the use of the Earmarked Scheme for Investment Promotion.

In line with the transformation of the Hungarian economy from a „manufacturing hub" to a remarkable „advanced manufacturing & innovation centre" of Europe, new forms of cash incentive measures shall be introduced from January 1, 2017 to enhance corporate R&D activities and the realization of technology-intensive investments. The incentives are based on individual government decision (Government Decree 210/2014 (VIII.27.)) and managed by the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).

9.12.2016 Modified: 2016.12.09 13:11

Le Bélier is carrying out developments in all three of its units in Hungary

Le Bélier, the French vehicle industrial supplier launches overall development in Hungary. The most dominant factories of the market leader company group engaged in the production and development of aluminium brake systems and safety equipment are located in Hungary. The developments amounting to a total of EUR 30 million and establishing 350 new jobs are to be managed as one investment; the group of companies splits the orders and the manufacturing processes among its three factory units.

30.11.2016 Modified: 2016.11.30 09:38

Kuehne+Nagel is creating an additional logistics centre in Páty

Inpark is building an international logistics warehouse base for Kuehne + Nagel in Páty, Pest county. As one of the world's leading logistics service providers, the new unit of the company, to be established by the existing one, will supply 20 countries in the region as a partner of an automotive supplier. The accessibility and level of development of the Hungarian motorway network played a key role in the choice of the location.

25.11.2016 Modified: 2016.12.14 12:41

thyssenkrupp is the 72th strategic partner of the Hungarian Government

The Hungarian Government and thyssenkrupp Presta entered into a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed by Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Marc de Bastos Eckstein, Managing Director of thyssenkrupp Presta Hungary. Through its electromechanical steering system improvements at its Competence Centre in Budapest, thyssenkrupp has become recognised in the automotive industry all over the world.