New printing plant of M-Flexilog has been inaugurated in Békéscsaba

New printing plant of M-Flexilog has been inaugurated in Békéscsaba

Johannes Michael Warenka, President of Marzek Group

The 8,500-square metre new plant built as a greenfield project, which will manufacture flexible packaging materials, has started its operation under the name of M-Flexilog Kft. in Békéscsaba. The Hungarian Government provided a cash grant – in cooperation with the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) based on an individual government decision to project of the Austrian company.

The Austrian family-owned Marzek Group present in Hungary since 2005 is one of the key players in packaging material manufacturing in Europe. During its past 12 years of presence in the Hungarian market, it has created 205 new jobs and, as an employer of more than 300 people, has carried out projects to the value of EUR 1.6 billion as part of the activities of Marzek Kner Packaging Kft. in Békéscsaba. The company is considered to be the largest and oldest employer in the region.

This project also includes an automated high-ceiling warehouse suitable for storing 8,000 pallets of goods, and high-performance production lines have also been procured. Due to the project, the company is expanding its range of products with several product groups, which it makes to the highest standard meeting market demand to the maximum extent. The manufacturing capacity of the newly established plant is designed for the manufacture of 40 million square metres of packaging materials per year. According to their plans, the share of exports within sales will reach 70 per cent.

Austria is the 4th most important investor in Hungary in terms of foreign direct capital present in the country. Before this second plant of Marzek-Kner Group in Békéscsaba, the company carried out developments to the value of EUR 1.6 billion.