Austrian Electronics Supplier To Strengthen Market Position By Investing In Győr Site

Austrian Electronics Supplier To Strengthen Market Position By Investing In Győr Site

2023. 10. 02.

Melecs GmbH celebrated its latest development at its site in Győr by inaugurating a new production hall. The investment worth EUR 12 million includes not only the extension of the production area and capacities but also the making of new products and production-related infrastructure development. As a result, 120 new jobs will be created.

The Austrian-owned Melecs EWS GmbH has been providing development and manufacturing services to its international partners for more than 25 years and has become a successful supplier to various manufacturing sectors. The company manufactures electronic control systems for household electronics, passenger cars and various industrial solutions.

Since its foundation in 2010, the Győr site of MELECS EWS GmbH has been characterised by continuous development and expansion. The current investment of EUR 12 million is aimed at expanding the production area and thus the manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of current and potential future customers.

The investment has added a further 1,800 square metres of floor space to the 4,200 square metres of production area. The other main pillar of the project is technological development, which involves the purchase and installation of new equipment and production lines. In addition, the social facilities and common areas will be renewed, while the warehouse capacity will be increased by 30%.

The related infrastructure investment will also include the extension of the test laboratory and the installation of an energy efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning system.