Autonet’s Automated Warehouse To Enrich Local Auto Part Supply Network

Autonet’s Automated Warehouse To Enrich Local Auto Part Supply Network

2022. 10. 07.


Switzerland-based leading auto part supplier SAG – Autonet Group opened its brand-new high-tech warehouse worth over EUR 27 million in Üllő. Offering vacancies for 130 future workers, the project will provide a highly automated storage space of 16,500 square meters that is bound to serve a number of regional markets.

Founded in 1996 by two Hungarian entrepreneurs of Transylvanian origin, SAG – Autonet Group is by now among the top auto part suppliers on the continent. Its Hungarian operation itself that specializes on wholesale dates back over twenty years, whereas its local subsidiary, Autonet Logistic Kft. with a warehousing focus was set up last year.

The newly inaugurated logistics hub is fully robotized and also attaches high importance to efficiency. Thanks to the use of the AutoStore system space can be utilized up to four times better compared to conventional warehouses at limited energy demand. The facility will serve nine regional markets.

The company is present in 13 countries out of which 10 are in Central and Eastern Europe.

At the opening ceremony Christian Doser, Autonet’s CEO Central Europe highlighted that the fast-growing Group believes in the region, believes in the knowledge of its people and that there is huge potential in these countries.

The logistics sector plays a key role in investment promotion in Hungary which is showcased by the fact that between 2014 and the first half year of 2022 in total 34 deals were closed in this field. Those positive investment decisions accounted for some EUR 890 million and 4,700 new jobs.