Bock Hungária Kft. Opens New Injection Moulding Factory in Nemesvámos - VIDEO REPORT

Bock Hungária Kft. Opens New Injection Moulding Factory in Nemesvámos - VIDEO REPORT

2020. 12. 15.


Bock Hungária Kft. and the Government of Hungary have signed a strategic partnership agreement, and in the frame of a new project, production and storage capacities will also be expanded at the premises of the company. The project at Nemesvámos primarily aims to establish a new injection moulding plant and to create 100 new jobs.


Bock Hungária Kft. is a member in the global Bock group of companies, with a substantial role in Europe, manufacturing office furniture parts. The company has been present in Hungary for 25 years, and has determining influence in technical solutions, providing an all-round service for the office furniture and the automotive industry segments, including design and production, fully serving the highest consumer demands. Their production activities cover plastic injection moulding, upholstery, office chair and armrest mechanics, and they also produce and work with polyurethane and aluminium products for office furniture.

Bock Hungária Kft. would like to improve the competitiveness of the region by installing new technologies, and aims to create workplaces by expanding further investments. The current, EUR 1.7 million investment project in Nemesvámos creates 100 new workplaces, and is first phase will increase the production area by 2100 m2 in a recently updated factory hall and will also extend the storage area by 2100 m2. In Noszlop, there will also be 400 m2 added to the factory hall to increase manufacturing capacity. Besides increasing the production area, new injection moulding machines have been installed at Ajka and Nemesvámos, also including the 7 new injection moulding machines which Bock Hungária Kft. acquired in the framework of the government subsidy program to improve competitiveness.