BorsodChem’s Investments Strengthen Market Position and Sustainability

BorsodChem’s Investments Strengthen Market Position and Sustainability

2023. 06. 30.

Key new facilities at BorsodChem Zrt.’s site in Berente have been officially inaugurated as part of developments that started in 2019. The latest projects that added major production capacities and an on-site power plant to the company’s operation were implemented for EUR 400 million.

A member of the Chinese Wanhua Group, BorsodChem manufactures plastic basic materials up to 82% for export. The company that is going to celebrate its 75th business anniversary next year has been investing heavily since 2019 to upgrade its operation. The latest phase of its over EUR 1 billion investment now saw the inauguration of four different facilities at the site of the company in Berente, located in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, 200 km northeast from Budapest.

Two new production units have been set up to produce nitrobenzene and aniline, respectively − key raw materials necessary for BorsodChem’s flagship products. Among others, this will allow to replace aniline imported from China, and thus cut BorsodChem’s carbon footprint. In addition, a nitric acid plant with an annual capacity of 90,000 tons has been also erected.

Apart from capacity extension, BorsodChem has invested in energy self-provision as well. A new cogeneration power plant of 50 MW is to double self-generated energy capacities to serve heat and power-related needs. The natural gas-fueled, high performance power plant won’t only cover the enhanced energy needs, but also helps decrease the exposure of the company on the energy market.

The current investments fit nicely into the sustainability strategy of the company and further strengthen its foundations.