Cloudera R&D expansion in Budapest - VIDEO REPORT

Cloudera R&D expansion in Budapest - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 03. 27.

Cloudera R&D expansion in Budapest

In just three years the Budapest office of Cloudera became an important unit within the US ICT company. The Silicon Valley firm offering unique services expands its R&D capacities and its office in Hungary again as within a year it plans to double the number of employees using university resources.

Cloudera was founded less than 10 years ago by the leaders of Oracle, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Google. It primarily concentrates on data management and data analysis as one of the leading solution providers of cloud optimised data analysis and machine learning. The company helps financial institutions to prevent fraud involving electric payment methods. It also operates systems to analyse Internet data traffic. Furthermore it provides governments with data analysis solutions that help the activities of tax authorities and security policy organizations. The company has approximately 1,600 employees in 24 countries.

The Budapest office of Cloudera initially provided technical and engineering support to facilitate the expansion of the company in Central Europe and to help meet the increasing demand for its services. The new centre however is also a home of R&D activities and talent recruitment from Central Europe – development of partnerships with electronics manufacturers, research institutions, and Hungarian universities responsible for innovation and economic growth is also important.

As a result of the investment the Cloudera office space is expanded with a new floor of 1,100 square metres and 33 new employees joined the R&D centre, increasing the global significance of the Budapest unit. According to the plans the current headcount of 150 will more than double in the near future – nearly 200 new R&D, innovative positions will be created in Budapest. This will help to enable highly qualified IT developers to stay and work in Hungary.