Deufol is establishing its Southeast European regional centre in Debrecen - VIDEO REPORT

Deufol is establishing its Southeast European regional centre in Debrecen - VIDEO REPORT

2019. 07. 04.

Jürgen hillen, CFO, Deufol Group

Another Germany-based company has chosen Debrecen. Deufol, a market leader in industrial packaging has selected the city for its new unit, which will also serve as a strategic centre in Southeast Europe. It will start its operation in spring 2020, creating 120 new jobs through an investment of EUR 21.4 million.

Deufol Group provides packaging and related services, with global presence. The company, whose success story dates back to 1979, has been working in the present structure since 2012. Deufol offers a particularly wide range of packaging solutions, including industrial, promotional and decorative packaging, "data packaging" (loyalty, gift and promotion cards), as well as other services related to packaging, such as customs clearance, supply chain management, and a set of stock and warehouse management software. Deufol has altogether 90 operations centres in 11 countries, currently giving work to more than 2,300 people.

Excellent logistics features, favourable economic environment, investor-friendly attitude and support, combined with the potentials of young talents, all contributed to the resolution to establish this European unit in Debrecen, which will be the most modern of its kind. There is a growing number of foreign students in the city, which goes hand in hand with higher standards in tertiary education. The German company of Krones, with a unit in Debrecen, was also a key factor in the positive decision, as being an important partner of Deufol.

German investors, newcomers and old partners with further investments have all played a crucial role in the economic success story of Debrecen. As a result of recent years' decisions, today as many as 40 Germany-based companies have a plant in Debrecen and its surroundings.