Diehl Aviation Celebrates Its 10-Year Presence In Hungary With New Production Hall

Diehl Aviation Celebrates Its 10-Year Presence In Hungary With New Production Hall

2022. 07. 23.


Having been operating in Nyírbátor for ten years, Diehl Aviation Hungary Kft. celebrated the anniversary with yet another development as a production hall worth EUR 6.8 million was inaugurated that will allow to produce products and parts related to aviation manufacturing.

Founded 120 years ago, family-owned Diehl Group is seated in Nürnberg. It employs close to 17,000 in five divisions in 90 locations worldwide that develop, manufacture and sell products for aviation.

The production capacities of the company in Nyírbátor was expanded as early as in 2015 by erecting a second production hall, whereas 2018 saw the establishment of a service center in Debrecen. Some 870 in total work in the two locations.

In its Nyírbátor site, which is considered as the second largest of the company, AC pipes, side walls, window shades, doors, door frames and isolation packages are made of carbon fiber and glass fiber plastic, and in addition assignments related to design, development, construction and classification are carried out.

The current ceremony marked the hand-over of the third production hall of the Hungarian subsidiary. Thanks to the expansion, parts and items used for aviation will be manufactured (such as aircraft toilet modules) that were previously made only in Germany. Capacities in Germany remain unaffected by the investment.

Diehl Aviation’s most recent development provides another piece of evidence that the Hungarian subsidiary does play a significant role in the long-term progress of the company.

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