Egis inaugurated two new plants in Körmend - VIDEO REPORT

Egis inaugurated two new plants in Körmend - VIDEO REPORT

2021. 10. 15.

In order to increase their pharmaceutical production capacity, the French-owned Egis Pharmaceuticals has expanded its site in Körmend. With the investment of more than EUR 21.8 million, in addition to the new packaging factory, Egis has also established a plant with special know-how and technological needs, typically suitable for the production of oncology products; thereby it is able to implement all pharmaceutical processes in the field of oncology products from developing to manufacturing active ingredients and finished products in-house.

The Servier Group is the second largest pharmaceutical group in France. They have 16 manufacturing bases, 15 international therapy research centres and 5 research and development (R&D) centres worldwide, and their products are available in 150 countries.

Egis' product portfolio consists of more than 600 products in total. Their main therapeutic areas are the cardiovascular and central nervous system, while they also offer advanced therapeutic options with oncology and gynaecological preparations. Besides Hungary, Egis sells its products under Egis' brand names in 17 countries through its network of subsidiaries and representative offices, while its product range is available in 60 countries, in total.

As an element of the investment package, Egis has completed its oncology product development and manufacturing infrastructure. The company has installed state-of-the-art technological innovations in the newly established finished product manufacturing plant for the production of pharmaceutical products requiring special manufacturing conditions.

A brand-new packaging plant has also been set up as another element of the investment. The site in Körmend performs more than half of the company's packaging tasks; the old packaging plant has been operating with full utilization and there was no possibility to expand it. The new packaging plant purchased at the beginning of 2018 on the property next to the factory unit, can be further expanded in the future, so it can meet the growing market requirements in a flexible way.