EVE Power Teams Up With BMW In Debrecen To Supply iFactory Next Door

EVE Power Teams Up With BMW In Debrecen To Supply iFactory Next Door

2023. 05. 09.

Chinese battery cell manufacturer EVE Power will build a new production plant in Debrecen by investing more than EUR 1 billion. The first such European facility of the company will supply BMW Group’s neighbouring iFactory and is set to have a total capacity of 28 GWh. The project that is scheduled to be and running by 2026 will create over 1,000 jobs.

EVE Power has been specialized on producing lithium-ion batteries since 2001. The listed Chinese company is now expanding its production capacities worldwide, the first milestone of which is the establishment of its first European plant in Debrecen’s North-West Economic Zone.

In the new facility to be erected on a 45-hectare plot, 6th generation cylindrical batteries for automotive will be produced that are smaller, lighter and 20% denser than their counterparts in use today. Range and charging speed are both up 30% each compared to competition.

Sustainability is reflected by other factors as well. Most of all, EVE’s capacities will be used by BMW that is building its state-of-the-art iFactory next door; therefore, the supply chain’s carbon footprint can be significantly reduced thanks to this door-to-door method. Solar power and energy storage systems will be also used to enhance energy efficiency and further slash environmental impact. Water demand will be covered by using purified wastewater and surface water, and wastewater will also be recycled on-site for technology processes.