Government-business cooperation to enhance the competitiveness of Hungary - VIDEO

Government-business cooperation to enhance the competitiveness of Hungary - VIDEO

2018. 10. 02.


Participated by government and business leaders, Business Meets Government conference featured discussions on the possible enhancement of the competitiveness of Hungary. This joint event of Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) and the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) is going to result in the elaboration of a package of proposals and recommendations for the Government in the fields of investor's environment, labour market, digital economy and innovation.

The two organisations launched "Business Meets Government" summit with the aim to develop it into a tradition in 2015. Regular direct dialogue facilitates that the demands of the business sector be incorporated into the action plan of the government to a great extent. This would make the business environment in Hungary more attractive in turn.

President of AmCham, Dr Farkas Bársony highlighted the following in his keynote speech:

We have to see that long-term success depends on the reinforcement of the bases that's why our Chamber focuses on the importance of educational reform in its message. But we also have to pay attention to the increase of efficiency and investments of a higher added value.

President of co-organiser HIPA, Róbert Ésik stressed the following:

Due to continuous common reflection and cooperation by the government and the business sector, our country reaches better and better results in a very close international competition for investments. We keep on being committed to a regular direct dialogue between the business sector and the government in order to increase our competitiveness, facilitating that Hungary become a centre of innovation besides being the production centre of region, too.

By the cooperation of HIPA, 46 corporations chose to invest in Hungary in the first half of 2017. The achievements of Hungary are proven by several international surveys of high professional prestige. According to the report of IBM Global Location Trends of this year, Hungary is the seventh on the list of the most favoured investment destinations based on job creation by one million inhabitants. According to Site Selection, an American journal specialised on investment topics, Hungary is one of the 10 best investment target countries.

Further content elements regarding joint reflection and dialogue shall be presented in a video to be published on Friday.