Government Launches Factory Rescue Program

Government Launches Factory Rescue Program

2022. 11. 23.

In order to keep domestic companies out of the economic recession affecting Europe, the Government decided to launch a Factory Rescue Program.

The Program provides large companies with non-refundable aid for energy efficiency and energy production investments. An aid intensity of up to 30% in Budapest and up to 45% outside of the capital will be available, and companies could be entitled to a total of EUR 15 million (approx. HUF 6.2 billion) in support. The realized investment must be worth at least EUR 500,000 (approx. HUF 206 million).

Projects implemented within the framework of the Factory Rescue Program can be supported on the following legal grounds:

  • Item 1: aid for investments made in order to achieve a higher level of energy efficiency (based on the General Block Exemption Regulation – Article 38);
  • Item 2: aid for investments made for the production and storage of energy from renewable sources (based on the General Block Exemption Regulation – Article 41);
  • Item 3: helping companies affected by the negative economic effects of the military conflict in Ukraine by supporting investments in energy efficiency and/or renewable energy production and storage (TCF 2.1).


Form of aid:

non-refundable aid


all large companies according to the General Block Exemption Regulation, whose production and processing activities are related to the investment

Maximum intensity of aid:

up to 30% in Budapest, up to 45% outside of the capital

Minimum investment volume:

EUR 500,000 (approx. HUF 206 million)

Maximum amount of aid:

EUR 15 million (approx. HUF 6.2 billion) per company (in a single registration period)

Investment period:

maximum 24 months, which can be extended once by 12 months

Maintenance period:

12 months

Staff maintenance obligation:

90% of the base staff

Advance payment:



bank authorization letter


The Government has allocated budget resources of HUF 150 billion for the Program.

The submission of grant applications requires online registration on the website, which will open on 2 November 2022. Please keep in mind that the website will become available once the registration starts.

The aid available within the framework of the Program are regulated by Government Decree 210/2014. (VIII. 27.) on the use of the Earmarked Scheme for Investment Promotion, the relevant amendment of which will enter into force on 27 October 2022.

Conditions are detailed in the relevant issue of Magyar Közlöny. Click to view the conditions

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