Heavy steel structural component producer TLC is expanding in Litér - VIDEO REPORT

Heavy steel structural component producer TLC is expanding in Litér - VIDEO REPORT

2019. 06. 03.

Micheal Seiferling, Managing Director, TLC

TLC Kft., belonging to the German Sennebogen company, is building a new plant in Hungary. As an expert in welded heavy steel structural component production, TLC is investing more than EUR 30 million in capacity expansion and machinery modernization, which will also involve the creation of 80 new jobs.

The Germany-based family-run business of Sennebogen was started in 1952 to develop and produce machinery for the agricultural industry. Over the past 6 decades, the company established itself as a full service provider in crane technology and material handling. It designs and manufactures complex model series for duty cycle cranes and draglines, crawler cranes, telescopic cranes, port cranes, material handling machines and multifunctional loaders, as well as other special machinery. Production takes place in three Bavarian units and in the Hungarian plant.

TLC, which was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in Balatonfüred, has become a leader in welded heavy steel structural component production. Work in the Hungarian plant includes the manufacturing of loading arms (max. 15 tonnes), road and railroad vehicle chassis, 4-part telescopic arms (max. 8 metres), vehicle frames (max. 18 tonnes) as well as fixed and moveable compartments, giving work to more than 280 employees.

The investment of over EUR 30 million, which incorporates the building of the new production plant in Litér, will also create 80 new jobs. The new plant will give home to the latest production technologies and apply them with cutting-edge infrastructure, which is essential for the fabrication of high-standard products. In the framework of the investment new cranes, robotics technology and modern working machinery will be installed, alongside the use of alternative energy sources through the establishment of a solar panel park.