HELL Energy Completes Comprehensive Capacity Expansion Project

HELL Energy Completes Comprehensive Capacity Expansion Project

2024. 05. 24.

HELL ENERGY Hungary Ltd., Hungary’s leading producer of energy drinks, iced coffee, and iced tea, has inaugurated its comprehensive capacity expansion project. Thanks to the EUR 228 million investment, the Szikszó plant is able to produce up to 4 billion beverage cans and bottle 6 billion aluminum canned drinks annually, while the plant expansion has created 240 new jobs to date.

HELL ENERGY products are now a staple in Hungarian households. The Szikszó-based company has also conquered the shelves of stores in 60 countries, while its HELL ICE COFFEE products are exported to nearly 30 countries, becoming market leaders in five of them within just two years.

The EUR 228 million joint project between Hell Energy Hungary Ltd. and Quality Pack was officially inaugurated today in Szikszó. This development supports the ongoing growth of the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county-based company, which produces the EU’s leading brand.

The expansion includes one new can manufacturing line and two new filling lines under one roof. The new technology also enables the production of 500 ml aluminum cans, allowing the company to produce up to 4 billion cans and 6 billion bottled beverages every year. Additionally, the project included warehouse capacity expansion, acquisition of material handling vehicles, waste yard enhancements, and other technological advancements.