Introduction of a new subsidy scheme to accelerate the green transition (TCTF subsidy)

Introduction of a new subsidy scheme to accelerate the green transition (TCTF subsidy)

2023. 08. 11.

With the adoption of the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework (hereinafter: TCTF), the aim of the European Commission is to ensure that the objectives of the European Green Deal will be achieved.

In response to this challenge, a new subsidy scheme is introduced in Hungary under Government Decree No. 210/2014 (VIII.27.) for the following accelerated investments in strategic sectors to foster the transition:

  1. The production of relevant equipment for the transition towards a net-zero economy, namely batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, heat-pumps, electrolysers equipment for carbon capture usage and storage; or
  2. The production of key components defined in Annex 1 of Incentive Guide that are designed and primarily used as direct input for the production of the equipment listed above, or
  3. The production or recovery of related critical raw materials necessary for the production of the equipment and key components listed above.

Based on the current conditions, the incentive scheme is available throughout Hungary and applicable until the end of 2025 for those enterprises that without state aid could have demonstrably realise their investment outside the European Economic Area.

Under TCTF rules, for an investment project the following maximum aid intensity and maximum amount of incentive may be provided taking into consideration the location of the investment and the size of the applicant company. State aid differ from listed below may only be provided within framework of an EU notification procedure:

(in nominal value)

Maximum aid amount per undertaking
per Member State

EUR 150 M

EUR 350 M
Maximum aid
for large
15% 35%
for medium-
sized enterprises
25% 45%
for small
35% 55%

For further information on the new incentive scheme, please contact our colleagues or email [email protected].

Click here to see the TCTF Incentive Guide for more details.