KOSTAL Chooses Budapest As The Location For Its First Global Multifunctional BSC - VIDEO REPORT

KOSTAL Chooses Budapest As The Location For Its First Global Multifunctional BSC - VIDEO REPORT

2022. 05. 24.


Leading global automotive supplier KOSTAL Group establishes a new business service center (BSC) in Budapest that will employ up to 360 highly skilled workers. The office facility will support and enable the Group’s existing operations in Europe and across the globe. 

KOSTAL, a German family-owned business founded in 1912, first became known as a leading automotive supplier over the years, and by now it evolved into a global engineering and production company that is present in 21 countries with over 18,000 employees.

The continuously growing corporation is determined to take the next step forward by setting up its very first global multifunctional Business Service Center that aims to bring a wide range of services, including IT, finance, sales, HR and logistics, under one roof. The idea is to enable the core business to purely focus on customer-centric functions.

The facility is considered as a flagship project that is to maximize efficiency of business processes within the Group.

We have chosen Hungary for this investment not just because we believe the Hungarian culture is a good fit for our values, but also because we think Hungary is an incubator for talent,

KOSTAL Group Chairman Andreas Kostal said.

Andreas Kostal

The establishment of the BSC showcases KOSTAL’s long-term strategy that is built on thinking in terms of generations, not quarterly results. Expectations of the new colleagues are also shaped along these lines as creative professionals are sought who are willing and able to challenge the norm and eager to explore new avenues and challenges.

Companies that are brave enough to take risks are the ones that stand a real chance of growing. For generations, KOSTAL has been committed to sustainability and responsible use of resources, actively pushing the world towards a more sustainable future with our products. This drive to move forward and innovate has shaped the business activities of our business units and led us to this exciting milestone,

Mr. Kostal added.

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