Leading Canadian Aviation Firm Bets On Hungarian Research Potential - VIDEO REPORT

Leading Canadian Aviation Firm Bets On Hungarian Research Potential - VIDEO REPORT

2022. 12. 14.

Celebrating its 75th business anniversary, Canada-based CAE Inc. has announced to add substantial R&D capacities to his Hungarian operation. The company that develops simulation systems in defense, civil aviation and healthcare will create dozens of new jobs under a nearly HUF 3.5 billion project.

Founded 75 years ago, one of Canada’s largest aviation firms, CAE Inc. has a global presence in some 50 countries and around 180 locations. The company focuses on development and manufacturing of simulation products in civil aviation, defense and security as well as healthcare. Its two Hungarian subsidiaries, CAE Engineering Kft. and CAE Healthcare Kft. located in Budapest and Veszprém, respectively, cover the defense and the medical fields and provide software development services as well as extensive training.

Thanks to the current nearly HUF 3.5 billion project, CAE aims to increase its market share in simulation in the above-mentioned fields. It also intends to hire researchers so that more sophisticated software can support remote training with the help of virtual patients. The cloud-based transformation of products and the application of artificial intelligence also call for recruiting more IT expertise.


CAE is ready to further develop the synthetic environment of its defense industry business line so that students, drivers and pilots and other military staff can execute more detailed and precise exercises and operations on virtual platforms or in real environments simultaneously in multiple locations worldwide. Another purpose is to optimize the operation of CAE training centers by digitalizing the majority of processes.

The company’s ultimate goal with the development is to further revolutionize training of its customers and the implementation of critical operations with the aim of improving security, effectiveness and preparedness.