New EUR 41.5 million Granulation Facility Inaugurated In Eger

New EUR 41.5 million Granulation Facility Inaugurated In Eger

2023. 10. 03.

Swiss-owned Omya Hungaria Kft. celebrated the inauguration of its brand new agricultural granulation plant in Eger thanks to a EUR 41.5 million investment. The most advanced plant in the company’s network is set to supply farmers in Hungary and surrounding countries.

Omya's predecessor was founded in Switzerland in 1884, and a subsidiary was established under its current name in 1925. The company is a global manufacturer and distributor of various industrial minerals and is present in more than 50 countries, including Hungary.

The Hungarian subsidiary produces various products for companies in the construction and agricultural sectors by extracting local mineral resources.

Omya has now set up a new soil correction granulation plant with a capacity of 70,000 tonnes in Eger. The granulate is produced on the basis of high-purity limestone powder produced at the plant.

Compared to the previous production method, the new technology used is more complex, requiring the recruitment of more highly skilled staff, and the demand on physical workers has also increased significantly.

The new granulating plant will produce a higher value-added soil correction product than the current one, which will be sold at a much higher price and will be intended for agricultural use, not only in Hungary but also in neighbouring countries. Accordingly, the company expects to generate significant export revenues compared to the past.

Production should start at the end of October.