New investment to carry Master Good to the global top - VIDEO REPORT

New investment to carry Master Good to the global top - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 08. 24.

Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

A major development is to be launched in the Kisvárda and Petneháza plants of Master Good as the result of which the company, 100% owned by a Hungarian family, can boast with the highest poultry slaughter and processing capacity throughout the world. The majority of the costs of this investment worth EUR 48 million concerns machinery, automation and robotics meaning that products can leave the plant at a higher processing stage besides the increasing capacity. 70% of the price revenue of this food company is due to export to more than 40 countries.

Operating in North-Eastern Hungary, Master Good group is active in integrated feed production, poultry breeding, hatching, broiler fattening and processing. 100% of the group is in Hungarian ownership. The Bárány family has bred poultry for as long as 100 years. It is already the fourth generation of the family breeding poultry; the first one was the manor poultry breeder of the Széchenyi counts. More than 90% of the processed chickens are bred at their own farms.

Since the 2000s, this company has been an outstanding agricultural enterprise of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. The present expansion is based on a development aiming at modernisation and capacity increase started in 2015 which resulted in the growth of the production capacity from 10,500 chickens/hour to 12,500 chickens/hour, creating 500 new jobs. The majority of the costs of this recent technology-intensive investment concerns machinery, automation and robotics meaning that production is increased and efficiency is promoted without directly creating jobs. It is expected that the chickens can be processed with a slaughter speed of 15,000 chickens/hour by the second half of 2019, that is, within a year. It will mean 4.1 chickens/second. Besides, the investment of Master Good contributes to achieving the highest possible processing level of food products to be exported from Hungary.

Food industry is a traditional leading sector of the Hungarian national economy which is well illustrated by the projects managed by the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency: food industry has been on the top among the sectors featuring the highest working capital investment for years. In the first half of 2018, the production value of the food industry was HUF 1,517.3 billion, with a 8% increase from the same period of 2017, while the share of the food industry was close to 10% of the total processing industry production, employing more than 140,000 persons.