One of the top software houses in Hungary has started developments in two fields - VIDEO REPORT

One of the top software houses in Hungary has started developments in two fields - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 11. 08.

evosoft Hungaria announcement

As a key strategic partner of Siemens AG, evosoft Hungary is to grow through two new investments in the country. Its project titled "MindSphere Based Ecosystem for Industry" focuses on industrial automation, with the targeted objective to cater for the service's IT background. The development, worth over EUR 14 million, is expected to create overall 75 new jobs in Budapest and Miskolc. At the same time, evosoft has launched another project with the aim to modernize its units in Szeged and Miskolc, where the investment of almost EUR 2.5 million will provide work to some 50 more colleagues.

Evosoft Hungary is a key participant in the Hungarian information technology sector, being an active contributor to industrial automation technology and control solutions, railway applications and medical devices, not to mention the development of the corporate IT systems at Siemens. The number of its software developers is on a steady rise. Currently the company employs 1,600 professionals in the field, giving work to its experts in Budapest and in the cities of Miskolc and Szeged in the countryside.

The company's dynamic growth is also marked by its moving to a new centre in Budapest at the beginning of 2021. A six-storey, fully accessible building is planned to provide flexible, modern work environment to the software developers at evosoft Hungary. The new site, meeting the requirements of digitalization, will be located in the neighbourhood of the Budapest University of Technology and the building of Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics.

The software house works closely together with a number of actors in the Hungarian higher education system. In December 2015, it signed a memorandum of cooperation with the University of Dunaújváros, and concluded a strategic agreement with Óbuda University. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Eszterházy Károly University in Eger, the University of Miskolc and the University of Szeged also maintain strong relations with evosoft Hungary.