One Step Closer to Europe’s Biggest Ultrafiltration Membrane Plant

One Step Closer to Europe’s Biggest Ultrafiltration Membrane Plant

2022. 03. 09.


The new buildings have been erected and the production of the new manufacturing equipment is also on schedule at the site of the French SUEZ Group in Oroszlány where the progress of its investment of some EUR 30 million was celebrated in a ceremony. By expanding its ultrafiltration membrane manufacturing capacity and building a new storage unit, the project of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions Hungary Kft. is aimed at setting up the largest such membrane facility in Europe.

Paris-based SUEZ Group that serves 450,000 customers worldwide is one of the most renowned industrial water treatment service businesses in the world. It produces ultrafiltration membrane only in Hungary for both retail and industrial purposes which is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the water treatment equipment market. The technology is suitable for filtering and purifying water and sewage extensively, thus it is of key importance for the purpose of handling the global drinking water situation.

Part of the investment that is set to expand capacity by 30% and create 85 jobs is building a brand-new light-structure storage unit; furthermore, the sewage treatment facility of the company itself will be also expanded.

SUEZ doesn’t solely focus on manufacturing: it also operates an R&D center that employs thirty chemists in Oroszlány and Tatabánya, and it is committed to deploy high value-added activities in Hungary.