Production started in the regionally important tool factory in Miskolc - VIDEO REPORT

Production started in the regionally important tool factory in Miskolc - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 09. 13.

Spinto aims the niche market of large tool manufacturing

Spinto Hungária, specialized in the manufacturing of large-size tools, has just celebrated the inauguration of its first plant in Miskolc. Aware of the scarce production capacity and the ever more intensifying market outlet, which is particularly typical of the automotive field, the independent tool factory may have found a niche to exploit, with remarkable demand on a regional level. With Spinto's investment of around EUR 19 million, the Hungarian tool production sector is now uniquely prepared to cover the entire size spectrum, which may eventually attract more capacity to Hungary as far as the automotive industry is concerned.

After the regime change, with the disintegration of the big factories of the previous decade (e.g. Csepel Works), huge knowledge and tradition were lost in the tool industry both in Hungary and in Europe. Even though in recent years the market experienced the rise and emergence of several companies ready to prepare small and medium-sized tools on the continent, still the capacity for the manufacturing of XXL-sized items remained rather low in the region, despite the overwhelming demand.

With the new Spinto plant, which undoubtedly enhances the filling of the present gap on the market, the Hungarian tool manufacturing industry has become unmatched in being able to cover the entire spectrum. This does not only enable it, as the only one in the region, to take on complex tool delivery projects, but also serves as an outstanding perspective for car manufacturers – already present or about to come to the country. The plant and the technology, as the purchased assets of the investment, are of the highest possible standard, the plant uses Industry 4.0 technology. The production hall of 5,000 square metres is fit to host the manufacturing of tools of 60 tonnes, as opposed to the former 15–20 tonnes maximizing the earlier production capacity.

The machinery, which is rather rare even on a regional level, is handled by highly qualified engineers. Spinto is dedicated to creating 140 new jobs, where one in four will be an engineer position with high added value. Relying on the opportunities of dual training in secondary and tertiary education, the Hungarian company wishes to allow the next generation of experts to get familiar with the craft of large-size tool production. What is more, these future professionals may as well show their talent in the development of new procedures and processes.

As regards human resources, the project has a significant role in the country and especially around Miskolc, since this may prove to be the last chance to find, discover, acquire and hand over, to future generations, the knowledge and wisdom that experts, now typically around 70 years of age, have accumulated in the world of tools.

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