SEG Automotive has expanded its R&D activity and opened a new factory in Szirmabesenyő - VIDEOREPORT

SEG Automotive has expanded its R&D activity and opened a new factory in Szirmabesenyő - VIDEOREPORT

2021. 11. 18.

Following a strategic investment SEG Automotive's new factory was opened in Szirmabesenyő. The 25,000-square-metre production hall together with the adjacent logistics hall totals 50,000 square metres. In addition to the relocated production lines, 2 new ones have also been purchased for almost EUR 6.2 million. Some 4,400-square-metre laboratory and development area was also established inside the hall. In addition, the company decided to expand its research and development activity in order to implement the development of state-of-the-art starter motors and generators as soon as possible. Thanks to the R&D investment of almost EUR 6.7 million 40 new high value-added jobs will also be created.

The company producing starter motors and generators has over a century-long history of automotive innovation from starter motors and generators through start-stop systems to mild hybrid solutions. The group supplies starter motors and generators manufactured in Hungary to its partners worldwide. SEGA's prominent product is the starter motor with a start-stop operating mode, also developed in Hungary. The Hungarian site is the largest production plant among SEG Automotive's European locations, and at the same time is the only one to manufacture starter motors for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

A year and a half after the foundation stone was laid, the new 25,000-square-metre production hall of SEG Automotive producing starter motors and generators, was handed over in Szirmabesenyő. The current area of the factory together with the adjacent logistics hall reaches 50,000 square metres. A solar park has also been set up on the top of the buildings and next to the hall, which helps the company produce 20–25% of its total annual energy consumption with solar energy.

Additionally, the company has also decided to expand its research and development activity, so that it can implement the development of cutting-edge starter motors and generators meeting the increasingly stringent automotive regulations (e.g., CO2-emission) as soon as possible. The company is expanding its development activity from current application development to the full range of product development. Consequently, the development team will be able to develop all products to be manufactured in Szirmabesenyő locally.

World-class R&D activity covering the entire product development process for starter motors and generators for various types of vehicles will only be performed in Szirmabesenyő within the SEG Group.