Soft Flow has inaugurated a new biotechnological research centre in Pécs - VIDEOREPORT

Soft Flow has inaugurated a new biotechnological research centre in Pécs - VIDEOREPORT

2021. 11. 02.

Soft Flow, a biotechnological company in Danish ownership, has inaugurated a new centre of excellence in Pécs, comprising most modern analytical, chemical, molecular biology, hardware and software operated laboratories, among others. The facility opens up the opportunity for a staff of 120 people in the long term for taking part in the development of state-of-the-art analytical instruments. As a result of the development project implemented from a total budget of more than EUR 6.3 million, more than 20 biotechnology researchers with PhD degree have already joined the company, and a similarly strong pool of software developers is also available in Pécs, who are working on joint projects with the Danish engineers.

Soft Flow is a leading biotechnology firm in the field of the development of food and feed safety analytical solutions. They have gained a research and development experience going back to almost 30 years and they have been present in Hungary since 1992.

The company is a member of the Danish Foss Group, a 100% family business, a group that has subsidiaries in 32 countries as far as its global presence is concerned, with manufacturing bases and R&D centres in Denmark, China, Hungary and Russia. The Foss instruments are sold to 30 countries in the world, and one of their achievements is, among others, that 80 percent of the cereals and 85 percent of milk sold on the world market are controlled by using the products of the Danish manufacturer.

The most important fruit of the cooperation of Foss and Soft Flow so far is the MycoFOSS instrument that has been put on the market this year; it purely uses Soft Flow's own biotechnology analytical process and as such is unique in the world in terms of its multiplexity, speed and degree of automation. After the development will have been completed, all the reagents will also be manufactured in Pécs.

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