Swedish automotive supplier to develop in Nagyvázsony - VIDEO REPORT

Swedish automotive supplier to develop in Nagyvázsony - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 03. 13.

Swedish automotive supplier to develop in Nagyvázsony

Novus Interiör performs investments in Nagyvázsony in two phases. The Swedish automotive supplier increases its capacity and develops the infrastructure in Nagyvázsony in two phases, totalling more than EUR 3 million. Novus produces premium interior trims and cover systems only in Hungary.

The family-owned HAVD Group was founded in 1988, with its seat in Mölndal, Sweden. The company has two subsidiaries: the Swedish PURTECH which develops and manufactures various plastic and soundproofing elements, and the Novus Interiör located in Hungary. The plant at the seat of HAVD Group in Mölndal develops new products (e.g. Volvo sports seats, armrests) and prototypes; and the group management is also located here.

Novus Interiör Hungary has been operating in Nagyvázsony since 1999. The main scope of activities of the company covers the production of textiles, mainly for automotive use. The Novus company also performs sewing. The interior trims and cover systems of premium vehicles are made in Nagyvázsony.

The new production hall with a floor area of 2000 square meters and the related technological and logistic developments substantially contribute to the increasing of production capacity and efficiency. In the second phase, to be implemented in 2018-2019, a new office block will be built, and developments strengthening the international competitiveness of the company will be implemented. The company, currently having 130 employees, will create 70 new jobs through the investment amounting to a total of one billion Forints in two phases.