Swedish Nolato Group is to make one of their largest investments in Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

Swedish Nolato Group is to make one of their largest investments in Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

2021. 02. 11.

nolatoWith a development cost of EUR 21 million Nolato Magyarország Kft. manufacturing hygienic and medical products is to increase its production and storage area by more than 1.5 times, at the same time continuing the further development of its production equipment. While retaining existing jobs the complex project will be implemented by the end of 2024.

The parent company of the Nolato Group was founded in 1938 for the production of injection moulded rubber components and products. The group is now a high-end player in the plastic and silicon injection moulding sector, and besides classic industrial plastics, it is present in the automotive, mobile phone and healthcare industries and owns many of its own patents.

Nolato Magyarország Kft. became the member of the Swedish Nolato Group in 2000. The factory in Mosonmagyaróvár is the company's largest plant outside China. The Hungarian subsidiary has expanded its production area almost every two years over the last decade and is constantly developing its production technology. Due to the pandemic, demand for the company's products has increased significantly and therefore it was making full use of its production capacity in 2020.

The company has now decided on the largest extension of its existence, including a new building and its infrastructure, as well as the purchase of production machinery and laboratory equipment. The building with almost 8,000 square meters is anticipated to be constructed in the first quarter of 2022, some of the new machines however will already be commissioned in the existing production halls in the second half of 2021.

The investment of Nolato Magyarország Kft. is necessary due to the expansion of the capacity of existing products and the introduction of new products, by which the company group facilitates the geographical expansion of its customers. The production of high value-added products in larger quantities than ever requires significant development work, which is ensured by the availability of a highly qualified personnel.