The European competence centre of Sanofi is to be established in Budapest - VIDEO REPORT

The European competence centre of Sanofi is to be established in Budapest - VIDEO REPORT

2019. 10. 02.

Dominique Carouge. Executive Vice President, Business Transformation.

Sanofi is to create a competence centre called Centre of Excellence in Budapest. Initially, 100 persons will assist the subsidiaries of Sanofi in the field of accounting, HR and finance in seven languages in the latest Hungarian unit of the leading French pharmaceutical company, however, the centre will be expanded to 350 persons by 2022.

Sanofi, founded in 1973, is one of the leading pharmaceutical stakeholders worldwide, and its products are distributed in 170 countries. The company group with headquarters in Paris employs over 100,000 people in 100 countries and pays special attention to research and development.

Being one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Hungary, the 16th largest exporter of our national economy and the 21st company in regards to revenues, Sanofi has been the strategic partner of the Hungarian government since 2013. Chemical development and production takes place at the location of Budapest, as well as the R&D centre, but they also have smaller manufacturing units in Veresegyháza and Csanyikvölgy near Miskolc. Moreover, the logistics and distribution site at Nagytétény supplies more than 50 customers from the products of 59 factories with some 290 million boxes of medication on a yearly basis.

With its latest investment in Hungary, Sanofi joins the more than 110 centres of the business services sector, which employ over 50,000 people, typically the members of generation Y, having diplomas and speaking foreign languages. Moreover, Sanofi considers the new office not as a simple business services centre (BSC), but a competence centre, the Centre of Excellence, which will feature activities of specifically high added value. The new office starting with 100 people will initially assist Sanofi's European and North-American subsidiaries in seven languages in the fields of accounting, HR and finance; however, with the dynamic headcount increase planned until 2022 the service portfolio is also anticipated to expand.

In 2018, the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) managed 10 positive projects belonging to the business services sector, thanks to which altogether 1,243 new workplaces are to be created in Hungary. Furthermore, HIPA is currently managing 7 active projects belonging to the BSC sector, pending decision. Should these projects be realized with the currently known parameters once the negotiation processes are concluded, a total of 590 new workplaces will be established by the investments.

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