The power tool plant of the Bosch Group is expanding in Miskolc

The power tool plant of the Bosch Group is expanding in Miskolc

2021. 06. 23.

The world's largest Bosch power tool plant, located in Miskolc and at the same time the company's European battery manufacturing competence centre, is expanding with a new production hall. In the 20,000 sqm hall now inaugurated, wireless power tools and associated batteries for DIY and gardening enthusiasts are manufactured, and this is also where the Bosch eBike batteries are built. Thanks to Robert Bosch Power Tool's investment of about EUR 44.6 million, the company will continue production in a larger area than before and is also going to increase the production capacity and efficiency of the site.

The number of products released since its launch at the Robert Bosch Power Tool factory in Miskolc, which was founded in 2001, exceeded 135 million at the end of 2020. The site mainly produces products for the European market however, some product segments are also sold globally.

The only location that produces batteries for power tools on the continent is Miskolc. In addition, it is only here that they have the expertise for high-volume production and special production technologies, as well as testing and approval competence.

In the new hall, production is controlled by Bosch's proprietary Industry 4.0 software solution, which makes decisions based on real-time data without human intervention, orders raw materials or changes the production sequence. The production lines are supplied by automated vehicles and the hall's photometric LED lighting is also digitally controlled.

The new 20,000 sqm hall will deliver state-of-the-art batteries for the power tools and electric bike (eBike) divisions of Bosch.

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