Thermo Fisher votes for Hungary in the EMEA region - VIDEO REPORT

Thermo Fisher votes for Hungary in the EMEA region - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 10. 16.

Thermo Fisher votes for Hungary in the EMEA region

Thermo Fisher is opening its new Global Business Services Center in Budapest, Hungary. The US-based company, which produces high added value medical and healthcare products, will serve its clients in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region from its brand new Budapest office as regards its financial and customer care activities. The current headcount of 100 colleagues will grow significantly by 2020.

The US company, whose history embraces sixty years of success through a line of predecessors, gained its current form in 2006, when via the merger of Thermo Electron Corporation and Fisher Scientific International a new company started its operation under the name Thermo Fisher Scientific. The group's wide portfolio basically covers every segment of medicine. Among others, it offers analytical tools, software and other devices for pharmaceutical experiments, medical and biological research, vaccine production and diagnostics. The company, which gives work to some 70,000 professionals worldwide, each year spends a significant amount on research and development. Only in 2017, its related investments totalled USD 900 million.

Following its global business strategy, Thermo Fisher has decided to find a new location in the Central and Eastern European region, finally choosing Budapest as an ideal place for its endeavours. The financial and customer care functions in the just inaugurated office building will primarily support the company's clients in the EMEA region. Due to the extended size and diverse nature of the area though, the company does not only need qualified and skilled workforce but experts with a command of special languages as well, which, as their choice suggests, could best be ensured in Hungary.

Adding this new global business services capability in the region will ensure that we can support our growth throughout the EMEA region while maintaining the high levels of customer service we are known to provide

said Andy Thomson, Thermo Fisher's Senior Vice President and President, EMEA.

There are around 110 business support centres (BSC) across the country, giving work to some 50,000 people. Their employees, typically being born between 1980 and 1999, come from generation Y, and besides holding a degree can also boast with excellent foreign language skills. Services are provided in these centres in five foreign languages on average, but there are again centres that serve their customers in thirty. There are more and more young graduates building their career in BSCs, which attract them with high salaries, rapid promotion opportunities and the possibility to use their foreign language knowledge. The sector undoubtedly largely contributes to the employment of an ever increasing number of talented and qualified professionals in Hungary.