Thyssenkrupp has moved into a new R&D Competence Centre in Budapest - VIDEO REPORT

Thyssenkrupp has moved into a new R&D Competence Centre in Budapest - VIDEO REPORT

2021. 09. 30.


Thyssenkrupp has moved into a new automotive R&D Competence Centre in Budapest. The new office building, which was created from EUR 6.2 million, comprising 13,200 square metres of office space and a 2,500-square-metre laboratory complex, provides space for 1,200 workstations. The German-owned company currently employs more than 1,000 highly qualified engineers at its headquarters in Budapest.

Thyssenkrupp is one of the world's top component suppliers, whose clientele covers almost all large car manufacturers. Nine out of ten premium category cars contain the company's products. Thyssenkrupp gear components are present in every third truck, and the company is leader in automotive digitalization and development.

The giant company started developing electric steering systems in Hungary in 1999. Electromechanical power steering systems, which can cooperate with a variety of driver assistance and self-driving systems, are developed at their competence centre in Budapest. The centre is considered one of the best in the world in its own competence area.

The development of the office and laboratory complex shows thyssenkrupp's long-term commitment to Budapest in the field of research and development of electromobility. The new office infrastructure was designed to fully serve the future-oriented, so-called agile project management, in the company's case the software and hardware R&D activity. The special laboratory infrastructure was integrated into office environment, thereby supporting efficient development activity. The lab and test equipment can be controlled remotely, thus they are suitable for remote working, a major part of which was designed by the company's own E/E (electric and electronic) team.

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