Unprecedented cooperation in the business services sector

Unprecedented cooperation in the business services sector

2020. 09. 09.

Róbert Ésik, CEO of HIPA

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) has launched a cooperation project with 24 representatives of the business services sector (BSS) to promote the industry within the country's borders. The participating companies wish to make this dynamically growing industry even more popular and recognised among Hungarian youngsters through a joint communication and branding activity. The initiative is also supported by the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), the professional cooperation was announced in a joint press conference in Budapest.

BSS - AmCham - HIPA cooperation to coordinate the initiative

The business services sector has become one of the flagship industries of the Hungarian economy in recent decades. There are about 120 business service centres giving work to over 55,000 people, offering them long-term career perspectives. Although every eighth Hungarian employee is engaged in this sector, the industry's recognition still needs improvement in the labour market.

A survey, conducted by our company, on what expectations Generation Z holds toward work has found that youngsters have a positive opinion of the business services sector, however, the majority of the respondents have little knowledge of the industry itself. That is why an initiative was made, back in 2018, to start a cooperative venture with our rivals in the industry, which in the past two years has grown into the largest-scope sector-based cooperation in Hungary, all started with a small working group,

according to Zoltán Szabó, General Manager of BT and board member of AmCham.

Now the cooperation project has 24 participants, namely AGCO Hungary, Albemarle Hungary, ALDI International IT Services, Avis Budget Group, BlackRock, BP, BT, Celanese, Citi, Corning, CPL Integrated Services, Diageo, Docler Holding, Eaton Business Service Center, ExxonMobil, F.Hoffmann-La Roche, IBM ISSC, Lexmark, National Instruments, Randstad Hungary, Tata Consultancy Services, TESCO-BST, ThermoFisher Scientific and Unisys.

Now the cooperation project has 24 partner companies

The companies involved pursue a common communication activity for the positioning of the industry, and jointly take part in various university and career orientation events. In addition, relationships are built with educational institutions, student associations and teachers, instructors. The aim is to make sure that students, parents and teachers take account of the sector when choosing a career.

The Hungarian business services sector is one of the most developed and most mature of its kind in the region. Despite the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, four significant investment decisions were made in the first half of 2020 for Hungary in favour of this industry, creating more than 1,100 new jobs in the coming period. We welcome the BSS initiative: it enhances the sector's awareness and recognition, thus promoting talent retention and the attraction of new investments. In the framework of this professional cooperation between HIPA and AmCham BSS, a joint industrial survey has been launched, whose findings will be disclosed at our sector-based annual event, Business Services Hungary, on 25 November,

stated Róbert Ésik, CEO of HIPA at a press conference in Budapest.

AmCham has been representing the business interests of various US-based, international and domestic companies in Hungary for 30 years. Representation of interests is a key pillar of our activities, just like continuous dialogue with the government. 7.5% of the Chamber members come from BSS, which further strengthens us in our conviction to give room to this special collaboration and work together with the government in making proposals for the business and regulatory environment of the BSS sector,

said Farkas Bársony, President of AmCham.