Vestfrost is to upgrade its sole unit outside Denmark - VIDEO REPORT

Vestfrost is to upgrade its sole unit outside Denmark - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 12. 03.

Vestfrost is to upgrade its sole unit outside Denmark

Vestfrost is developing its only production unit outside the homeland. With the investment worth EUR 14 million, the Denmark-based cooling equipment manufacturer is planning to build new processing and warehouse facilities in its plant in Csongrád. The company will also improve its production technology and create some 100 more jobs, partly in the field of research and development. As a result of the advancements, the manufacturing capacity is expected to triple for wine cabinets in the unit.

The Denmark-based Vestfrost, relying on over 50 years of expertise, manufactures, sells and develops refrigerators and freezers. As part of the family-run business group with around 2,600 employees, the company primarily focuses on large company partners, supplying them with professional cooling equipment and freezers for food and drink storage. In addition, Vestfrost has a range of special solutions for medical use and vaccine storage.

Vestfrost Zrt. was formed in 2010 with the acquisition of Frigolux in Csongrád. Its core business activity involves the production of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment, which practically covers the manufacturing and sales of commercial and catering refrigerators and deep-freezers, along with their accessories, just like that of medical refrigerators. Due to the technology, which is built on a combination of decades-long manufacturing experience and the most modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, the products in the Hungarian factory are fully made of environmentally friendly materials, especially in the case of soft drink distributors.

The company's latest development concerns the production of wine cabinets, which even though constitute a product in short supply, their market is dynamically growing. In the framework of this investment of EUR 14 million, production is expected to triple through the equipment and technology related advancements, which will be coupled with a significantly higher storage capacity. According to the plans, until 2019 the unit will be extended with workshop and warehouse facilities on 5,600 square metres, also giving home to new activities such as plate machining and powder coating.

The developments around the plant and in the manufacturing infrastructure will result in about 100 new jobs – among others, jobs for experts with higher education in R&D.

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