Wellis Expands Hot Tub Manufacturing Capacity in Ózd - VIDEO REPORT

Wellis Expands Hot Tub Manufacturing Capacity in Ózd - VIDEO REPORT

2022. 02. 07.


A new manufacturing site will be established by Wellis Magyarország Zrt. for a EUR 5.7 million investment. As a result of the project to be implemented in Ózd 100 new jobs will be created thanks to which the company can increase its global market share in the hydro massage pool segment.

Wellis Magyarország Zrt. is a company in 100% Hungarian ownership that became market leader on the European hydromassage pool market due to its organic growth by relying on its exclusive Hungarian manufacturing base. Globally it has made the top 5 following the developments of the past years.

Its hot tubs are made with state-of-the-art machinery equipped with robotic technology. The short- and mid-term objective of the company is to carve out more market share in the U.S. by adding to its existing network of fifty American parterns.

The investment announced marks the beginning of building the third production line as a continuation of previous developments which will be fully automated just like it is the case in automotive. Several new quality assurance stations will be also installed to serve the highest needs of clients. Besides, they are further proceeding with building an automated warehouse of 20,000 sqm. 

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