World’s biggest bicycle manufacturer to choose Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

World’s biggest bicycle manufacturer to choose Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

2018. 07. 04.

GIANT to choose Hungary

Taiwan-based Giant Group is going to establish its second European manufacturing and logistics unit in Gyöngyös. Worth almost EUR 48 million, the investment, which is to be realised in three phases, shall occupy 228,000 square metres. Production is expected to be started in the second half of 2019 due to the huge European demand. It is planned to start with a production capacity of 300,000 bicycles but their target is to achieve 1 million bicycles produced annually, creating 591 new jobs. The Hungarian plant is going to focus on core European bicycle and E-bike models.

With its almost 50 years of history, the Taiwan-based corporation is now the biggest bicycle producer of the world. It produces multifunctional bicycles, road bicycles, mountain bikes and electric bicycles as well as bicycles for children and for the youth and bicycle accessories (clothing, parts). From among the nine Giant production units worldwide, the first and so far single European plant is based in the Netherlands, producing 500,000 bicycles annually.

The new modern Hungarian plant of the corporation is going to serve the needs of the dynamically growing European market, including the production of the electric bicycles according to recent trends. With its 12,000 retail partners, the huge Taiwan-based corporation considers Hungary a long-term partner so further partners and suppliers of Giant are expected to come to Hungary to support the production.

Following the announcement in Budapest, the foundation stone of the new unit is going to be laid in Gyöngyös, that is, the venue of the investment. So it is planned to run up production in the second half of 2019, that is, in somewhat more than a year.

The leading producer of the world reinforces the tradition of nine decades of bicycle production in Hungary since Csepel, Neuzer, Gepida and Hunland are all important players on the European market.

About the Hungarian bicycle manufacturing traditions

  • Csepel Zrt., the legal successor of Csepel bicycle factory established by Manfred Weiss 90 years ago, is the only company in Hungary to produce the whole range of bicycles. They produce more than 50 types of bicycles now, they supply the bicycles of the Police and the MOL BUBI project, and they produce for European export as well.
  • Almost 50% of the ca. 100,000 bicycles produced annually by the Esztergom-based Neuzer, which was established in 1996, is exported into several countries of the European Union. The company has an own-developed community bike-rental terminal and is developing bicycle-based community transport systems as well. Their bike-rental service is extended to the towns of Győr, Nagykanizsa, Hévíz, Miskolc and Esztergom, among others, and they supplied bicycles to the Debrecen- and Szeged-based Bubi project.
  • Established also in 1996, Gepida is committed to produce quality bicycles. Thanks to their excellent products and precise design, their international presence is also important: Gepida products are sold in the bike shops of more than 20 countries.
  • With its almost 20 years of history, ACCELL Hunland is leading the European market in the segment of new generation premium bicycles. Electric bicycles produced in the Tószeg plant are so-called Pedelec bicycles. Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) driven bicycles are not able to operate independently, by electric propulsion only. The built-in low-performance electric motor can enhance the pedal force only.